Family Camp Stories


The first time I came to camp with my children I was very apprehensive.  I didn’t want to be there, my husband had just passed away and my children and I were in a very vulnerable and sad state.  A veteran camper sat down next to me and treated me like I had been in the “Camp Family” for years.  She put my mind and heart to ease and we instantly felt welcomed and embraced.  We look forward to this special week as a family all year round.  It has made a difference in our family’s healing, our dynamics and has brought us closer together.  It has also illustrated to my children that no matter how our family is made up, we are still a family, our dynamics have just shifted.

~ CCBM, widowed & now remarried, attending for 14 years.



I always love the first day we are all at camp, reuniting with old campers and meeting new campers.  We are all instantly one big family.

~ EB, child of widowed family, attending for 14 years