What I Learned this Summer

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What I Learned this Summer


How often did you return to school in the fall and one of your first assignments was to write about what you learned over the summer?  I dreaded those assignments…I always thought it was a trick question that would leave me feeling guilty that I didn’t study enough or read enough or experience enough…yes, I went to Catholic  Elementary School.  I wish Sr. Kathleen would ask me what I learned this summer.  I went to summer camp and brought my kids.  We had a blast and this is what I learned:

I learned that:

  • Being quiet and still is okay.
  • The best way to settle my soul is to play with children.
  • Breathing in nature and soaking up its goodness spreads to other facets of my life like my mood and outlook…they both tend to be more positive.
  • Allowing others to help me in my endeavors is a gift to me but it is also a gift to them.
  • Eating a meal together with my family no matter what size (2 or 60) is more important that what you actually eat.
  • Being stripped of all outside influences: voicemail, computers, jobs, responsibilities and living a simple life allows me to simply LIVE.
  • Renewing my spirit renews my being and THIS is vital to my human life.
  • Coloring and doodling are actually more therapeutic now than it was in Kindergarten.
  • Being close to my higher power and choosing to participate in a relationship with my God is essential to my life, my foundation and to my evolution as a contributing human.
  • Naps are awesome.
  • Eliminating all of the peripheral garbage that takes place in everyday life and living a life with open arms and love is the best feeling in the world.
  • Sometimes a friendly hug, a warm hello, an inviting smile is all the encouragement someone needs.
  • There is beauty and good in EVERYTHING.
  • It is okay to forgive someone that has hurt you even if you know they won’t forgive you…God had that part covered.
  • It is amazing to try new things…that is how we learn about ourselves and each other.
  • To be loved so deeply and unconditionally by other humans who “GET YOU” is the closest thing to Godly love.
  • My children are the most precious, creative, important people in my life and time spent with them is the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Thank you to all my fellow Camp Hope Family Camp Campers!

Much love to you…can’t wait to see you again.


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