Camp Hope 2012

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Yes…we know we’ve all just barely unpacked from camp 2011.
And yes…we know we’re all still floating on all the amazing memories from this year.

But, what better time to start planning for next year than now?

The registration form for Camp Hope 2012: A Family of Peace is now posted…and we have some great ideas on ways to start saving money for camp…

Top Ten Ways to Pay for Camp Hope 2012

10. Save up bottles and cans and put that money aside. It really adds up!
9. Mak a “Camp Jar” and put all spare change there every day. It really adds up!
8. Skip having pizza once a week and put that money into a camp fund.
7. Skip designer coffee and put that money into a camp fund.
6. Ask family/friends to make checks out to “Camp Hope” for Christmas. We’ll start your account now.
5. Have a garage sale. Put all the money toward camp.
4. Have a car wash. Put all the money toward camp.
3. Pray. The power of prayer is amazing.
2. If you set aside $10 a week for a year…you’ll have $520 for camp.
1. Start sending in money now. That way it will be out of reach to you, and in your account for camp next year!

Also – what better time to teach our kids financial responsibility? Give them jars to start saving for camp, too. Maybe some allowance toward that will be a great incentive!

Questions about camp? Feel free to ask. Email Keep an eye on our blog, too. We’ll be posting like crazy this year.

Love to all!  (TMAC – we love our new Leadership Team name – thanks Clay!)

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